Selaras Outbound
Outbound Training Method & Concept

“I forget what I hear, I remember what I see and I understand what I do”. This ancient Chinese proverb is the core concept of experiential learning. We at Selaras Outbound Training believe that people will understand better about organizational skills (such as leadership, communication, teambuilding, etc) if they are taught in action-oriented way rather than more theoretical / classroom way of teaching. Thus, with years of experience in different industries, we help our training participants in accelerating their process of thought in understanding the concept of organizational skills by providing them with our experiential training method. Our outbound training (experiential training) method generally follows cycle containing:
a.1. The experience of the game

a.2. The reflection of the team

a.3. The generalization of the activity and  

a.4. The transfer to working environment

Meanwhile, we develop our framework called “The SELARAS WAY” in delivering experiential training (outbound training).

All SELARAS Outbound Training Programs throughout the Nations provide the opportunity to learn: leadership and teamwork, decision-making, goal-setting and problem-solving; environmental expertise and protection; reflection and evaluation; confidence and compassion. And, all SELARAS Outbound Training Programs and SELARAS Adventure Land are open to all people, organization or company regardless of race, religion, colour, physical or mental strength, social or educational background or occupation.